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Trump Says ‘NASA’s Back’ Thanks to ‘Rich Guys’ Paying U.S. Rent

(Bloomberg) — President Donald Trump pledged to re-establish U.S. dominance in space, a day after he welcomed the surviving Apollo 11 astronauts to the White

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'Send Him Back': Virginia Democrats vow to boycott Jamestown celebration if Trump attends

Virginia state Democrats say they’ll boycott an event commemorating representative democracy in America if President Donald Trump comes. …read more

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Private Investigator Says He Shared Two Epstein Female Fixer Names with Feds

Private investigator Michael Fisten first started digging into financier Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking crimes more than a decade ago when attorney Brad Edwards hired

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How China Could Sink an American Aircraft Carrier In a Bloody Battle

That carrier-killer imagery resonates with Western audiences comes as little surprise. Ah, yes, the “carrier-killer.” China is forever touting the array of guided missiles its

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Saudi Arabia has decided to host US troops: Saudi defence ministry

Saudi Arabia has decided to host US troops in a joint move with Washington to boost regional security, the kingdom’s defence ministry said, as tensions



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