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Whistleblower Complaint Against Trump Involves Ukraine and a Promise to Foreign Leader

A whistleblower complaint against President Trump, the existence of which was revealed last week, involves the Ukraine and a commitment Trump made to a foreign

Mom blames healthcare system after her son went blind from diet comprised of french fries and Pringles

The mother of a British teen who went legally blind after eating a junk food-based diet says she blames her country’s healthcare system. …read more

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Is Israel’s Netanyahu Era Over?

After more than ten consecutive years in power, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s luck may have finally run out. The country’s second election in five

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Israel's Election Has Ended in Deadlock. Here's What Could Happen Next

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces an uncertain future and as the official count started coming in, no side emerged with a clear path to

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Trump says he'd give Iranian leaders visas to attend UN

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he thinks the Iranian president and foreign minister should be granted U.S. visas to attend next week’s United Nations